The Lapmatic Sit-To-Stand is the ultimate mobile laptop stand, ergonomic and easily adjustable.

Black shelf is angle adjustable and a mouse can be used on either the right or left side.

Includes a padded wrist rest, and front is curved to provide ergonomic access.

Simple to maneuver with four swivel casters.

Standing desks are well known to contribute to more productivity, better posture, fewer energy dips and variety of other benefits. You will also have a space saving design and superior maneuverability in the classroom.

With 26″ to 43″ of sit to stand adjustability, the Lapmatic Sit-to-Stand can work with either a chair or stool for position changes throughout the day.


Available Options

SKU Description Dimensions Weight Price
89764 Lapmatic Sit-To-Stand Mobile Workstation 26" – 43"H X 28"W X 20"D 36 $389.73